TUUT orange & pink + peach

TUUT orange & pink + peach

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TUUT is a candle holder / small vase with a playful aspect.
By pressing the candle into the flexible upper part,
the candle is fixed and stabilized.
Or put some nice flowers into the holder!
The additional small plug will enable the TUUT to hold water.
Since the silicone upper part is stretchable,
several different sizes candles fit into the holder.

All TUUT's are numbered and handmade and are therefore unique pieces.

Material: glazed earthenware + silicone
Size: approx. 6,7 cm wide, 10 cm high (holder + silicone tuutje)
Lead time: approx. 7-9 work days


Please be aware: these products are handmade and are therefore all unique. Small differences in the glaze, color and size can occur.

Candle included! Nobody wants that 'no batteries' feeling. The candle you receive might differ from the pictured candle.

Please keep in mind: a part of this product is made out of silicone. It is very stretchable, but doesn't take sharp objects such as nails very well ;)

Test the holder in combination with the plug and a bit of water on leaking before using as a vase.