NOZW // Rotterdam's Best

Noord, Oost, Zuid, West // Rotterdam's Best

NOZW is a project based upon the four main cardinal points in Rotterdam: ‘Noord, Oost, Zuid, West’ (North, East, South, West).

In every area I made pictures of shapes in the streetscape that stood out to me. Mostly found in the facades of houses, but also in random other objects.

From these pictures I abstracted shapes which were then combined into drawings, one per cardinal point.

These drawings became the blueprint for the final four ceramic objects.

Each object is made out of layers of stacked glazed earthenware disks, different in thickness, width and color. The width and thickness of these disks are derived by the contour of the blueprint drawing.

Lastly each thickness is assigned a color and the parts are stacked in specific order. 

This way of designing and building led to the final four objects, each with their own playful character, presented in a mini window expo: 'Noord, Oost, Zuid, West // Rotterdam's Best' (January 2022 - March 2022, Rotterdam).